FoodFHI: Nutrition Principles and Diet Tips

The considerations for planning balanced diet for your whole family, including healthy children, adults and those with health risks

FHI Balanced diet plan for Indians for a healthy lifestyle

The ForHealthyIndia diet plan is a Balanced Diet Plan, incorporating the food habits of Indians, who eat ‘dal chawal/roti’ based diet, often rich in carbohydrates and deficient in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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Vitamins and minerals: how to get enough in your Indian diet?

original Vitamin and mineral deficiency in Indians Vitamin and deficiencies are quite common in Indian population, as per the data of National Institute of Nutrition.

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Bad diet habits of Indians: what changes are needed?

Bad diet habits of Indians: what do we need to eat less of? India is often called the ‘world capital’ of diabetes and lifestyle diseases and Indian diet patterns has specific risks associated with these diseases.

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Dietary fats and oils: which are good fats and bad fats

Dietary fats: what functions do they serve in the body? Dietary fats and oils are important components of human diet, and providing energy.

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FoodWise tips for healthy diet

Easy to follow tips about making healthy choices in food

Healthy food grains list for Indians to include in their diet

India is one of the biggest producers of a variety of food grains and millets, but in most affluent households of India the staple food grains are only rice and wheat.

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Milk and milk products: tips for healthy intake in diet

Tip 1: Adults need at least 300 ml and children at least 500ml of milk/curd per day for calcium needs of the bone, unless calcium is provided otherwise by supplements.

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Daily fat intake: calculate for your family using FHI calculator

CALCULATE RECOMMENDED DAILY FAT INTAKE FOR YOUR FAMILY! Are we getting too much oil or fat in diet? This is a cause of concern for most of us.

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High protein diet for Indian vegetarians

Get your balanced diet plan now! Best vegetarian protein sources for Indians Recent surveys in India have revealed that the protein content in Indian diet is inadequate in a sizable

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