Book a Health FHI Preventive 360 Program for complete health protection

The Health FHI Preventive 360 Program is designed to check for all health risks in everyone: no need to choose your package

If you ever wanted to get health check up done for yourself or your loved ones, you would know that there are always a variety of choices to make; “Basic’, “Star’ ‘Extended’ ‘Whole Body’ etc. packages are thrown at the user and you choose mostly on the basis of your pocket or some other non-medical criterion!

But should you be choosing your health check up package at all? Should there not be the ‘Basic’ packages which assesses you for ALL illnesses and risk factors that can be assessed, so that you can stop a risk becoming a disease?

Often the preventive annual health check up packages done by big hospitals and laboratories in India have hundreds of  tests in a package, but only a few of them are helpful in assessing your health risks. On the other hand, testsn to detect common but catastrophic illnesses are often missed.

The Health FHI preventive health check up list for Indian adults, based on recommendations of world’s leading public health agencies, includes ALL  tests and examinations that can  save you substantial misery and potentially your life

What all does our health check up list include

  • BMI and WC based assessment of obesity and central obesity
  • Assessment for metabolic syndrome, prediabetes and diabetes
  • Assessment of 10 year risk for CHD (heart disease and complications)
  • Screening for common cancers
  • Assessment of bone health
  • tests for nutritional deficiencies common among Indians
  • Smoking and alcohol related risk assessment
  • Assessment of emotional well being

What does our consult offer?

  • Weight management and weight loss advice and program, if needed
  • Diet chart+healthy eating advice
  • Fitness program
  • Vaccination advice for Indian adults
  • Quit smoking program
  • Alcohol risk management advice
  • Family planning/contraception advice and preconception advice
  • And of course, if you need to see a nearby doctor immediately for drugs/treatment you will be told to do so

3 simple steps for Health FHI Preventive 360 Program:

  1. Order these tests from your trusted lab (a few require 11 hour fasting) and send us the soft copy of the reports @ , these include:
    1. CBC, BG, ESR,
    2. FBG, GTT (75 gms),
    3. Total,LDL,HDL cholesterol and Triglycerides
    4. Urine R/M,
    5. SGOT,
    6. S. Creatinine (with eGFR),
    7. TSH
    8. Pap Smear: if you are a woman
    9. PSA and Fecal Occult Blood if you are a man over 50
    10. Mammography and Fecal Occult Blood, if you are a women over 50
  2. Get your height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure  and  ECG  and mail results to us
  3. Book a video consult with us  ( or call 07314900900