Learn about all aspects of taking care of yourself during pregnancy

Pregnancy care : warning signs and worrisome conditions

During pregnancy many changes are happening in your body! This can put you at a constant stress and while your doctor will try to assuage your stress, they usually do not have enough time.

Pregnancy: how your baby grows and your body changes

Pregnancy is a time of wonder and awe, when you are host to one of nature’s most prized phenomenons. If you are expecting, it is natural that you would want to know about whats going to happen to your body and how the baby will grow inside you.

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Pregnancy symptoms: how soon can I know if I am pregnant?

If you have been planning to get pregnant, you probably want to know as soon as possible! But, even people who are not planning to have a baby, may find themselves waiting anxiously to find out at the earliest

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Exercise during pregnancy

Indian women seldom keep up their exercise while expecting a baby. But total lack of exercise not only increases your chances of gaining too much weight  but also hampers your preparedness for childbirth

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Healthy range of weight gain for Indian women during pregnancy

The common wisdom that a pregnant woman needs to eat for two, is often taken by pregnant women and their families too far! This results in excess weight gain during pregnancy.

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How to ensure a balanced diet while pregnant?

A healthy diet during pregnancy should be designed for giving your baby all that she needs to grow well inside you, however the old wisdom of eating for two is not strictly true!

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