High Blood Pressure: for Indians

Indians have started to wake up to the risk of diabetes and its ill effects, but high blood pressure (hypertension)  is still not talked about enough! Below are all the facts about this silent disease, which only gives symptoms when serious complications arise!

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Managing your cholesterol: why and how?

No other food related term can compete with the notoriety associated with ‘cholesterol’, right? We have all heard of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol and have come across claims of various food product companies claiming ‘zero cholesterol’ in their products.

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Ischemic heart disease and heart attack: symptoms and cause

Ischemic Heart Disease or Coronary Heart Disease (IHD or CHD) is part of a spectrum of diseases, called AtheroSclerotic CardioVascular Diseases (ASCVD).  ASCVD affects the heart and blood vessels, especially arteries and leads to ‘clogging of arteries’.

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