Strength training workout plan to exercise at home

Isn’t resistance training for athletes/body builders?

No, it is recommended for all adults!

Exercise, for a lot of us, begins and stops at walking or jogging! Walking and jogging are aerobic exercises, and we associate strength training with bodybuilding!

But, world experts on fitness (WHO, ACSM, CDC etc.)  recommend strength training for all adults, because it helps in not only building or gaining muscle mass (as for body builders) but also in toning (or recruiting/strengthening) your muscle mass, so that you can retain strength and do more types of work

What are the benefits of strength training?

Strength training

  • Helps in losing fat and gaining muscle
  • Helps preserve functionality and bone mass
  • Increases the body’s Basal Metabolic Rate for hours after the actual bout of exercise, thus increasing your calorie burning

Doesn’t one need to go to gym for strength training?

Resistance exercise can be successfully done at home, without any weights and presses, using only your body weight!

Training with weights, bands or machines usually needs supervision, especially at the beginning, therefore we recommend beginning resistance training at home using your own bodyweight

How to begin strength training exercise at home?

The experts recommend 2-3 sessions of strength training per week, with at least a gap of 48 hours in between. In one session, you should train all major groups of muscles

Exercises covering all major groups, to be done in one set
Muscle group Mode of exercise
Body weight Free weight Machine based
1 Chest Push-ups Supine bench press Seated chest press
2 Back Pull-ups Bent over barbell rows Lat pulldown
3 Shoulders Arm circles Dumbbell lateral raise Shoulder press
4 Biceps Reverse grip pull ups Barbell/dumbbell curls Cable curls
5 Triceps Dips Dumbbell kick-backs Press downs
6 Abdomen CrunchesProne planks Weighted crunches Seated abs machine
7 Quadriceps Body weight lunges Back squats Leg extension
8 Hamstrings Hip ups Stiff-leg dead lifts Leg curls


  1. Do proper warm-up for a few minutes
  2. For the first three weeks, do one set of the above exercises, which means 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise at a comfortable effort level
  3. Initial muscle soreness is expected when beginning resistance exercise and tendons and ligaments need a few weeks training to adjust  to the training
  4. If you feel pain or nausea, you are probably doing it wrong. Focus on correcting your technique before progressing
  5. Over the next few weeks (3-6 weeks) to two to three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions
  6. Allow at least three minutes of rest between sets  to avoid burnout/injuries
  7. Once you achieve this, increase the effort level, such that you feel fatigued doing 8-12 repetition of each exercise
  8. Use ‘cool down’ techniques after each routine

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