FWI ideal diet plan

A) Is for every one (not only for people interested in weight loss): for children, adults, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers and for people with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, heart disease

B) This calorie calulator recommends the optimal number of calories for a healthy diet plan for weight loss

C) Provides nutrients in the recommended range and/or in line with the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for your age and gender

D) Leaves you with some deficit calories for snacking and indulgences

E) You will get a daily menu plan: telling you how much of each food group to eat and also recommendations on weekly requirements of some special food suff

F) You will see your nutritional dashboard: showing how well you fare in comparison with RDA and recommendations

G) you will get to know your deficit calories, bad fats and added sugars available for snacking

H) Our diet plan gives you choices

  • We will give you three diet-plan choices and you choose the one best suited for you, to know about our three diets, go to 'FoodWise diets'
  • For people with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, our 'Ideal Diet for people with health risks' is perfect, it has been designed on the principles of TLC, DASH and MLT diets, recommended for these people
  • For healthy people our 'Basic Indian Diet' and 'Optimised Indian Diet' are options to choose from
  • We take inputs from you on your preferred rains, proteins etc. and accordingly further csutomize you diet plan

To get the FWI ideal diet plan for you or your child or other loved one:

Give us your particulars and preferences and we will

1. Calculate your BMI and weigt category

2. Calculate your daily calorie requirement for current eight or for a moderate weight loss, whichever one you chose

3. Then, you can get a basic diet plan or a customised diet plan (for which you will have to answer some questions)

4. Get your nutrition dashboard (only with customized diet plan)

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FWI diet chart for weight loss, healthy eating and special health needs


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